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Snow-covered Šerák
Short afternoon hike to Šerák, January 2019
Going above the clouds
One lucky day for a beautiful weather, in Beskydy mountians, on its highest peak, when the clouds were bellow you..
Kolmanskop, ghost town in Namibia
An abandoned diamond mining town in Namibia, south Africa, that is now filling with sand which makes it an amazing place for photographers.
Satina creek and waterfall
Fall in Beskydy mountains, small creek with rapids and waterfalls in fall colors.
Ice and water
White Opava Valley in winter; a small river running through a deep valley with waterfalls and rapids...
Short 3-day trip to London in November 2011.

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Caribbean cruise (Roatan, Belize, Samana, US and British Virgin Islands...)
Iceland, Lofoten and Nordkapp by own car