Something about me..

Photography gives us the unique chance to catch the most beautiful moments and share them with others. I am glad that I can show you our amazing colorful world through my lens. I hope you'll like my photographs and that they'll bring you some pleasant thoughts and impressions to these hectic fast-moving times.

A little about me.. my name is Katka Pruskova and I was born in September 1980 in Opava, a small town in Czech Republic, where I grew up. I studied Computer science and English language at Silesian University and then spent several months in USA and Australia for little bit more studying and experience.

After coming back home, I worked as a lecturer of computer courses and then in advertisement,
mainly as a graphic designer. I've been doing photography professionally for several years
now, however.. it all started with just a small camera and a desire to discover :) These
days I am carrying a heavy professional equipment that I can't imagine traveling
without. Photography has become a part of my life and changed my world view,
no matter whether I am shooting an event, wedding or sunset over the ocean..

I wish you all a beautiful day! ...and thank you all who took these photos of me :)

Me with my Suzuki Swift, Iceland, 2015 Me and my Swift driving to Nordkapp, 2017